Utilizing Google+ For SEO

Google+ is Googles social sharing platform and should be taken seriously as part of your SEO efforts. It should come as no surprise that Google would give preference to its own social platform when it comes to its ranking algorithm. It has been tested many times, the measure of the impact Google+ has on rankings and almost all conclude that it does effect search rankings and this is especially true when it comes to +1’s on your various posts. Here are 3 Steps to maximising SEO performance through Google+.



1. Create Your Profile.

Setting up a profile in Google+ should be straight forward. You simply visit your Google My Business page and hit the Google Plus Icon from the drop down on the right hand side. You should set the name of your Google Plus page and upload profile and cover pics which show off your business. Include a relevant Tag Line and introduction for your business. It is important that the Tag Line stands out so you can draw in more visitors to increase your +1’s. Once you get 10 followers you will be able to use a custom Url which will be more search engine friendly and descriptive for potential readers.


2. Create A Collection.

Google Plus Collection


You can post links from any social media platform or website as well as video and image files. To do this you need to set up a collection which you can name including the keywords you want to rank for. This should be eye catching as well to people who will see your posts in their feed. +1’s from people browsing the web have been shown to boost your google rankings so make sure your posts are engaging and eye catching to get those likes.


3. Promote your page.


(In this article) you can get the code to include a google plus 1 button on your website to increase your following. When you are sharing content on your social media platforms don’t to forget to share on Google + also. Try to share some unique content with Google + also including images and videos. Even when you are posting a link from another platform, make sure to give it a title and description. You can put the title in bold by placing a * at the start and end of the title with no spaces eg: *Title* will display as bold.

All in all It makes sense that Google will look to give precedence to its own social media sharing platform now and in the future so Google+ must surely play a part in your SEO efforts. Pay Per Click Ireland use Google+ frequently as part of our SEO Services for our customers. Get in touch today to find out more.


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