Digital Marketing Strategy

Companies that don’t keep up with the new marketing trends usually struggle with keeping the business a going concern. For those of you who live under a rock, the latest marketing trend (and has been for a while now) is digital marketing in Toronto.

Yes, yes, computers are taking over everything and we will soon be replaced by robots but this digital marketing thing is actually working. It has equipped people with the opportunity to market to the world at large, with minimal effort and low costs.

The world is always online and this is how marketers are a step ahead of the customers. They brought their business online and our consumerist nature forces us to click on the ‘Buy’ button. Big brands and small businesses, you will find them all. If you are a business yourself and are not sure how to approach the internet with your business, here are a few marketing strategies to get you started.

  1. Things are easier online, granted. But you will still need a marketing plan. Set up a goal despite the size of your business and work with that in focus.
  2. Some traditional marketing strategies work online too. Make the internet aware of your existence and build their interest in your product/service. Your product/service should be on point so that the customers will want to spend some of their hard earned dollars. And when their interest is piqued, hit them with promotional offers that are hard to reject. If your product/service is good quality, then chances are you have a repeated buyer, not a one-time customer.
  3. Market your product with newsletters online or demo videos and successfully stay on the customer’s mind. When the customer arrives at your website, ask them for their email addresses so that you can keep them updated of your promotional offers and new products. This is the ideal way to create a customer list and turn your potential customers to buying customers.
  4. Digital marketing will only work for your business if you have traffic on your website. You have to keep the customers coming on your website. For that to happen, you need something of interest. Most people enjoy the internet because it comes with a lot of great reading material and no marketing strategy works better than owning a blog. More importantly, keeping the blog updated with good, original and interesting content.
  5. Social media. For businesses, it is a blessing in disguise. People have much more than just accepted social media, they love it. Bring your business to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and work towards getting a large following. Promotional offers is the best approach. From your social media pages you can direct your followers to your website to increase traffic.

If used right and consistently, then digital marketing can be the boost that your business needs. The one thing to keep in mind is to keep the website/social media pages frequently used and updates because your customers can tell that you have been inactive. Other than that, digital marketing has revolutionized marketing and there is so much more coming.

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