Adwords, Analytics & Tag Manger – What You Need To Know For Your Business

The digital landscape can seem daunting at first, especially to an outsider. Once you break it down into its constituent parts it becomes a lot more clear and easy to grasp. In this article I will give a brief overview of three of the most popular applications for growing your business and tracking your progress online.


Pay per click



Adwords is the holy grail of business growth online. If you have money behind you and are ready to take your business to the next level, I would recommend nothing less than investing in Adwords. Adwords is so effective because it allows users to find your ad on google when they are actively looking for your product or service. Your ad can contain a wide range of Headlines, Descriptions, Sitelink Extensions & Callout Extensions. You enter the keywords you want your ad to appear for on google and you should be getting new customers from day 1 if the landing page is up to scratch.



If you’re not tracking it, You cant improve it and Analytics is the vehicle for measuring all the traffic that visits your site. It tells you what city they came from, how they found your website, what device they were using and what they did on your website once they arrived. It allows you to see users that visited that left straight away and the areas of your website that grabbed users attention. You can also set up goals on the site that track actions taken on the site. Analytics can be linked to search console & Adwords to see how you rank organically on Google and how your adwords customers behave on the site. All in all Analytics is simply how you measure to traffic to your site and how it increases over time.


Coffee Meeting

Tag Manager

When people perform certain actions on your website like filling out an enquiry form, viewing a video or clicking a call to action button, you want to track the information. The old way required a seperate tag for every conversion metric you wanted to track. You had to contact your developer for every little change or new metric. With Tag Manager, you only require one tag and you can manage all of your conversion tracking and remarketing from one centralised location. It makes it extremely easy to make changes and stay absolutely on top of your data. Tag manager can be tricky to set up and implement so we would recommend you to hire a Tag Manager Expert To manage your account.


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